What To Do With Used Greeting Cards

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ It’s wonderful to receive greeting cards throughout the year for the different celebrations like, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas! It’s also so appreciated when we receive thank you notes too! What do you with all of the cards afterwards? Do you save them all and if so, how do you store them? Saving every single card can become quite a significant collection over many years. Or do you toss, recycle or re-purpose them?

Solutions For What To Do With Used Greeting Cards…

I do a combination of things depending on the card, the message and whom it came from.

I save all of the cards that are meaningful including Mother’s and Father’s Day cards from my family, anniversary cards from my husband and any card that is written with a particularly special message. These are just loosely stored in a photo box and I have to admit I will go through them every so often when I am missing my daughters who are away at school. It is a lovely way of reflecting and revisiting some memories. These cards are the keepers…

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ These greeting cards are the keepers because they either hold a special message or are from someone special.

I also save cards and gift tags that have the possibility of being re-purposed when doing crafts, scrapbooking and making new gift tags. Christmas cards are great for this. This pile is for crafting…

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ These used greeting cards are being saved for Christmas crafts and scrapbooking pages.

The last thing I do is something I learned from my mother-n-law who has been doing this trick for years. For the remaining greeting cards, I cut out the blank portions and re-purpose them into note cards. I use these for reminder notes, phone messages and small grocery lists of a couple of items. Whenever a family member needs to communicate a message as in “the dog has already been fed” or a reminder as in “pick up dry cleaning” we just leave the note card on the kitchen counter for easy visibility. I also find reminders keep me very organized because it takes away one more thing from my brain to have to remember since it is the reminder note that is doing the work. These notes were all cut from used greeting cards…

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ These used greeting cards have been cut up and will be used for reminder notes and small grocery or to-do lists.

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ This reminder note was written on a cut up used greeting card.

Several note cards can be made from one greeting card so you can end up with quite a collection. I keep a small stack in a plastic basket in the kitchen desk drawer. The rest of the cards are secured with a ribbon and stored in another hallway desk until they are needed. The bits and pieces that were left from cutting up the greeting cards go into the paper recycle bin.

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ Store cut up greeting cards in packages secured with a narrow ribbon until they are needed to use for reminder notes and small grocery or to-do lists.

What To Do With Used Greeting Cards ~ Store cut up greeting cards in packages secured with a narrow ribbon until they are needed to use for reminder notes and small grocery or to-do lists.

It does take a little bit of time to go through the cards, sort and cut them up but it is well worth the time and effort. I have kept things a little more organized at home by reducing a bit of the clutter, created a collection of very handy inexpensive note cards, kept the special cards in a special assigned place, set some aside for crafting and recycled the unusable parts keeping paper out of the landfill. Now these are some great ways to use up greeting cards!

Are you interested in some other re-purposing ideas?

I keep the reminder notes made from used greeting cards in the kitchen desk drawer. Here are some DIY drawer organizers I made from empty tissue boxes…

Inexpensive DIY Drawer Organizers {Time With Thea}

Inexpensive DIY Drawer Organizers

My husband has all of his dress shirts dry cleaned every week so we end up with a lot of plastic dry cleaning bags. I never throw them out and here are some ways I re-purpose them…

Organizing Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags {Time With Thea}

Organizing Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

I even re-purpose the lids that come with large paper boxes that I get from work…

How To Make A Storage Tray ~ Back of storage tray made from paper box lid covered with self adhesive paper and decorated with ribbon and embellishments. It is used to collect and store DIY/craft supplies when working on a project.

How To Make A Storage Tray

What do you do with your used greeting cards? What re-purposing ideas do you have?

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  1. says

    I save a few and recycle most, but when I want to get rid of the card and keep the sentiment, I scan it into my computer! I’m just getting into digital scrapbooking so I plan on using the JPEGs stored in my computer to put the cards on the scrapbook pages. Thanks for your great tips!

    • Time With Thea says

      I love your idea of scanning them into JPEGs. You should write a blog about that. I am sure it will inspire others too! ~Thea

    • Time With Thea says

      Thank you. I have to admit it gives a sense of satisfaction using the cards productively in ways that do not already add to the growing trash in our world. Thank you also for all of your tweet outs. So appreciated Laurie! ~Thea

  2. says

    Good subject, Thea. I have also cut the fronts of greeting cards I received and use them for notes; I don’t like to waste papers of any kind. I also keep them near our phone and also keep a few in my car. It seems that while I am driving I think of things, so I jot them down. (Not while driving, of course!) One of the best compliments I have received, was when a friend of mine framed a thank you card I sent her. It matched the colors in her quilting room!
    I hope you enjoy your Friday and have a nice weekend.

    • Time With Thea says

      Seems like great minds think alike (tee-hee). I love the idea of keeping them in the car too. I am going to put some in the middle console. What a great idea to frame a really pretty card. It does seem a waste to cut it up, toss or recycle it. Many of them are such great works of art. Hope you have a great weekend too! ~Thea

  3. says

    These are great ideas. I too keep certain cards (anything my husband writes, I keep), but lots of the other cards (especially Christmas cards) get tossed into the recycle bin during one of the clutter purges we have.

    I like the idea of keeping the inside if the cards for notes, drawing, etc. — especially in the car. I never have anything to write on in the one place I spend loads of my time!

    • Time With Thea says

      Thanks Joan! I have been doing this for years and it sure helps to keep things organized! `Thea

  4. says

    I keep the one’s from my husband (special occasions) and from my parents, the others ones; I recycle them. Thea, these are good ideas! it’s funny that I read your post today because I am trying something fun right now; DIY post-its, I’m making my own post-it’s and I think that making post-it’s out of greeting cards would be a great idea too! they are very easy to make! I will be posting about it soon! btw, I really like your two last pictures; how you store them! :-) hope you are having a great weekend! :-)

    • Time With Thea says

      I’m looking forward to your DIY Post-its post (ha-ha that sounds funny). Thanks Ingrid! ~Thea

  5. says

    I have TONS of cards I haven’t been able to part with, but at the same time, I really didn’t have a point in keeping them! LOL! You’ve given me such great ideas. In particular, I love the reminder notes. Great ideas, Thea! Kind of fun to make while watching television or even talking on the phone…speaker phone, perhaps! :-)

    • Time With Thea says

      This is so sitting in front of the television activity. I always like to do something while watching a movie or television program and this one requires very little thinking! Take Care, Thea

  6. says

    This is a hard one for me b/c I tend to be a pack rat but ironically we’ve been cleaning and I came across a giant box of cards that we have to go through to see what can be saved, recycling, used for crafts. I love the idea of making scrap note packages b/c we’re constantly looking for paper to make lists on.

    • Time With Thea says

      I think special cards that have been received are a tough decision as to whether to keep or not. But as you said, they do end up accumulating in boxes and then what? I am glad that the post helps with your cleaning a bit and what to do with your discovered cards. Thanks for stopping by!~Thea

  7. Maria Varela says

    I cut the front into smaller pieces and use them as gift tags for the relative holiday (Christmas cards for Christmas gift tags) or use the whole front of card to decorate gifts. I also cut the front into thin strips, punch a hole on top, add ribbon, and use them as bookmarks. You can also use the front as a postcard (if the back of it hasn’t been written on). Saves money on buying new Holiday cards every year. Last one…you can send your used cards to a charity that repurposes them, like St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. They make new backs for the front of the cards and sell them. Several charities do this around Christmas. Keep your eyes open. Happy Repurposing!