How to Move Your Pins on Pinterest

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest ~

HOw To Move Your Pins On Pinterest - Time With Thea

The Situation:

I don’t know about you but I find my Pinterest Boards are a perpetual work in progress. Not only am I adding new pins and building my Pinterest collection but I am also revising and changing around the pins that I have collected and the boards that I have created. Pinterest is always evolving and making changes to make things easier for their pinners. There are actually now two ways to move your pins over to another board. This post simplifies things for you you and shows you the two different for How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest!

For example, I noticed that I had a board titled My Organizing: Anything Children and another board titled My Organizing: Children. I obviously created two very similar boards with slightly different titles.

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest - Time With TheaHow To Move Your Pins On Pinterest  - Time With Thea

The Problem:

It takes time to move pins from one board to another so I highly recommend having a plan in place for how you want to organize your boards and put some thought where you want to pin your pins as you accumulate a growing collection.

I decided to keep the board My Organizing: Children and move the pins on the board titled My Organizing: Anything Children over using two different methods.

I have to admit after trying both methods I did develop a preference. I don’t think one is better than the other in terms of time, convenience and ease. In my opinion both methods are both pretty doable. Let me explain.

The Solution:

Method #1: Using the Edit Function

Update: When I wrote this post a year ago this is what Pinterest had when it came to editing a pin. Pinterest is slowly making improvement changes. Hover your mouse over the pin on your board and click the pencil in the right hand corner to get to the edit function. Then you will see the descriptors: Board, Description and Source. Click on the upside down triangle and will see all of your boards listed. Scroll through till you find the board you want to move your board to. Presto! You just moved your pin. The following images show how to do this but have the old descriptors.

Click on the board with the pin or pins you want to move. Hover your mouse over the pin and click on the edit button. A window will come up that looks like this:

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest - Time With TheaNow scroll through the different board titles and stop at the board you want to move your pin to. It will look like this:

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest  - Time With Thea

Click on the title of the board you want to move your pin to and it will look like this:

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest - Time With Thea

You didn’t really move the pin but rather you just re-organized by giving it a new board title. After you have made the changes, don’t forget to click the SAVE PIN button. If you are moving all of your pins over like I did, then you will end up with a completely empty board like this:

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest - Time With Thea

Then I clicked on the Edit Board button and then the Delete Board button in the upper right hand corner. A final window comes up asking if you are sure you want to delete the board and you click the Delete Board button and it disappears.

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest  - Time With Thea

How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest  - Time With Thea

Method #2: Re-pinning and Deleting the other Pin

The other method I used was to simply re-pin the pins I wanted to move onto the board I wanted to move them to. After they were moved I went back and deleted from the original board. This method had my pins streaming again through the Pinterest stream and maybe were re-pinned by other interested pinners. I don’t recommend constantly re-pinning your pins to put them back into action, but it is kind of neat to see if your followers like them and re-pin them as well.

I mentioned previously that moving pins from one board to another takes time. Maybe Pinterest will develop the ‘drag and drop’ method I use all of the time on my Mac computer. Luckily, I only had 31 pins to move and it kept me busy while I watched a movie on T.V. with my hubby. In the meantime I highly recommend putting some thought into how you want to organize and name your boards and when you pin something you know you want to go back to, put some thought where you want it to go so you can easily retrieve it at a later date.

Which method do I prefer? I prefer both depending on the pin. I have to admit I found re-pinning and then later deleting is still my favourite. I just found I could create more of a rhythm and it didn’t seem that I had to wait as long between each step. But there is a negative to this method to watch out for. You will lose all of the comment and like history if you use this method.

If you end up moving some of your pins, let me know which method you prefer…. or let me know if there is another method I am not aware of.

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In the meantime, hope to see you on Pinterest!

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  1. says

    Thank you for all this information Thea! I have to admit; I rarely use Pinterest (I know I should use it more! ;-) ) but this post made me realize ; I need to take a look at all my boards and make sure I’ve pinned the pictures in the correct boards! Thank you, it’s only after you read informative posts like this one, you realize how much work needs to be done! :-) Have a great day Thea!

    • Time With Thea says

      Hi Ingrid! There are so many social media choices now that I feel one can’t do it all. I go on it about twice a week and I often pin something after I have read a blog. I have pinned quite a few of your images for several of your posts. Your pink peg board was re-pinned many times! I find I have to keep my Pinterest boards really organized otherwise, it becomes too overwhelming. Thanks for stopping by! Thea

    • Time With Thea says

      Every so often I like to write a how-to article about how to use PInterest because it is something I really enjoy and I hope it helps others. ~Thea

  2. says

    It’s so funny, I just started a Pinterest post yesterday and put it in my drafts folder. I was going to reference your original Pinterest post, but I guess I’ll have to reference both of your Pinterest posts now! These are great tips and will help lots of people! Thank you!

    • Time With Thea says

      That is so funny Erin. I am looking forward to your post about Pinterest! I am writing another one tonight and so I will refer to yours so that it helps the readers as well. Thanks for creating the link to my articles! ~Thea

  3. says

    Thanks so much! I decided to make a renewed effort at sharing some pins on Pinterest, and I had no idea how to move pins between boards. I found your post via Google search. Very helpful! :)

    • says

      Hi Many! I am so glad you found the information helpful. It does seem to be a very popular hit on Google so a lot of pinners must be wondering the same thing. I think it is important to review and reorganize your pins once in awhile and Pinterest has made it very doable. Thanks for your feedback! ~Thea

  4. crafty grandma says

    Hi, I reorganized my titles via the Edit button as you did. I went a step further so it would be easier to find by using a keyword ie instead of Desserts (would end up under D) – I put Recipes – Desserts, Recipes – Cakes, Recipes – Meat etc. This way all the Recipes are together and less chance of repetition.

  5. Karen says

    Question: I have a food recipe board that I need to divide into sub-categories. However, I am afraid that if I do this, people who previously re-pinned my pins will not be able to see the pin once it is moved. Is that the case? I have searched online and cannot find the answer to my question. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Karen! You ask a really good question and it is so nice that you are concerned. I hope I understood your question correctly. I ran a test by moving some of my pins around into different categories. I picked pins that were only repinned once to make it easy. Then what I did was clicked on the pinner who pinned the pin and found it was still on their board. I tested this three times with three different pins. So from what I can tell if you move a pin onto a different board it does not affect anyone who repinned it. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by~Thea

  6. says

    Hi Lorraine, I like your organizing mind! From what I can tell at this time with Pinterest you can’t move the pins around within a board. They are ordered by when you pin them. I think this isn’t possible because each pin is linked to a website so it is important to keep the link live. I see your point about not wanting to create new boards for each vegetable. So what is a practical alternative? What I did was create a key word heading in all uppercase letters in the description. Now when I scroll down looking for example carrot recipes, my eyes are drawn to the first word. You can also repin some of your ‘go to’ favourites so they are at the front of your board. Pinterest is perpetually making changes and improvements. It will be interesting if this is something that they will be able to adjust so the pins in our boards can be better organized. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve your question but hopefully, my suggestion helps a bit. Thanks so much for stopping by! ~Thea

  7. says

    I think there is an advantage and disadvantage to both approaches.

    The advantage to repinning, as you mentioned, is it’s like a new pin that will show up in your followers’ feeds and may garner new attention. The disadvantage is that the number of likes and repins are reset to zero since it is essentially a new pin. So, you lose the history of how well the pin performed on the old board (if you care about that). If you simply move the pin using the edit feature, the like/repin stats appear to move with it, so you maintain the history of how well one pin did compared to another.

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing some very valid points. There are a lot of pins with significant rich history that want to be retained and a lot of pins with no history that wouldn’t be affected by a delete and repin. I’ll add this into the post so readers can make a more informed choice with reference to your valuable comment. Thanks again!

  8. Linda SAndeman says

    Hi Thea

    Thank you for this post it has been really helpful. I wonder if you could help me with a query relating to this? I have one board ‘Jewellery’ where I pin any inspirational jewellery ideas. I would rather have boards that where more specific, ie ‘Rings’, ‘Earrings’, ‘Bangles’ etc. My concern is, if I were to move the pins to these boards and delete the ‘Jewellery’ board’, those that were following ‘Jewellery’ would no longer see new pins from me in their home feed and I would lose them as followers as the board was no longer there. Do you know if this would be the case? Many thanks.

    • says

      First of all, thanks for the positive feedback about this post and I am so pleased you found it to be really helpful. I like your idea about wanting to make more specific boards. I have that and I find it a lot easier to find pins I am looking for. I wrote a blog about how to organize your boards where I talk about creating specific boards that you might find helpful too. I’m not sure but if you were to delete your jewelry board, the pinners who were following that board would not be able to follow it. My thinking is you would lose followers who just follow this one board and not your other boards. But if you have followers who follow all of your boards, I don’t see why you would lose them. My suggestion if you are worried about losing followers is to keep your jewelry board and make your new specific boards. When you pin something, pin it to your jewelry board and then pin it again to your specific boards. I do that all of the time because I often have pins that fit into different categories and I want them on more than one board. Hope that suggestion helps! ~Thea
      timewiththea recently posted…Best Way To Store Fresh GarlicMy Profile

      • Linda Sandeman says

        Hi Thea

        Thank you for replying so quickly and answering my query. I won’t delete the ‘Jewellery’ board as you suggested; I will just pin them to other boards. Once I’ve done that, I can pin any new ones to the main ‘Jewellery’ board and to more specific boards. Thanks again for all your help. Linda:-)

        • says

          Thank you for asking for help! It is so nice to connect. I think your plan is perfect! What I like about Pinterest is that it is really quite flexible. Good luck! ~Thea

        • says

          Linda, what I’ve also found useful is simply renaming the original board (in your case, “Jewelry”) to one of your preferred newer names (in your case, “Rings”). Your followers of that board would still see jewelry pins so they wouldn’t be unsatisfied, and maybe when they notice that they’re following a board called Rings, they’ll go to your profile and follow your other jewelry boards!

          • says

            Thank you Sammy for this excellent suggestion. What I love about Pinterest is there are so many options and different ways to work with your boards and pins. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your great idea too!
            timewiththea recently posted…Easter Cookie Decorating IdeasMy Profile

  9. says

    Hi Thea, I’ve just taken the plunge and made my first Pinterest Boards. Your post was very helpful, especially as I many times pinned images without checking where I was putting them! So I frustratedly looked for just what your post is about. Thanks for rescuing me! So much easier than deleting and repinning, over and over! I’ll be more careful in future now :-p
    While it’s all fresh in my mind I’m going to do a Newbie Notes: Pinterest item on my blog,, and I’ll be linking to your very well done post. Thanks again!

    juno recently posted…Attar of RosesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Juno! It is so nice to hear from you and I am so pleased that this post helped. I wish I had known this before I started on Pinterest but I was able to learn through trial and error. That is why I wrote the post to help others. I know I even still have some dead links throughout my boards so I am slowly going through them and cleaning them up. It does take time. Another post that I wrote that you might be interest in and is very popular is How To Move Your Pins On Pinterest. You may want to add that one to your Newbie Notes post. Thank you also for linking to my blog. I am sure your information will be helpful to pinners!
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  10. Dee stelly says

    On a pin I’m trying to relocate there is a heart instead of a pencil. I can’t move it. What now?

    Thanks for such an informative site.

    Dee stelly

    • says

      Thanks for the feedback re the site. I am glad you find it helpful. Based on the info you have shared with me I am not sure I can answer your question. If you have pinned the pin, the pencil (edit function) in the upper right hand corner should show up when you click on the pin. I get a heart (like button) in the upper right hand corner if I am pinning a new pin. Perhaps you can send me an image via comments on this site to show me what you are seeing. Sorry I could not be more helpful.
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