Stained Glass Shamrock Craft

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~


Hi everyone! Aren’t you ‘lucky’ that you stopped by today because that is the theme for this Collectively Creative post. Today at the same time several very creative bloggers are posting their inspirations and ideas for anything connected to the term ‘lucky’ and I am thrilled to be participating in this blogging collaboration! At the end of this article you will find the list of the participating bloggers with direct links to their blogs making it super easy for you stop by and pay a visit!

The Situation:

When I think of the term lucky I have to admit I can’t help but think of St. Patrick’s Day and all of the rich traditions connected to this delightful celebration. I have a fun and easy-to-do craft that I have made numerous times in the classroom with my students for St. Patrick’s Day and it is just as easy to make at home with your own children. Isn’t this Stained Glass’ Shamrock Craft pretty?

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrock craft made from melted crayon shavings between wax paper and green cardstock paper

The Problem:

Since this craft uses a hot iron, it does require adult help and supervision. Also, don’t use your good iron that you use on your clothes. I just kept my old iron that I only use for crafts and messy projects. If you don’t have an old iron, you can check out a thrift store for something inexpensive. As you can see this old iron has really been used.

Materials For Stained Glass Shamrock Craft

  • Green construction paper or cardstock paper
  • Wax crayons
  • Pencil or crayon sharpener
  • Paper clip
  • Wax paper
  • Newspaper (several layers)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie pen
  • Shamrock pattern (provided)
  • White glue

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Green cardstock paper Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Pencil sharpener and paper clip used to make wax crayon shavings.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrock pattern printable


Click here for the PDF format:

Shamrock Pattern Printable

Instructions For Stained Glass Shamrock Craft

Step 1

Spread the layers of newspaper flat. Rip off a piece of wax paper about 20” in length and place on top of the newspaper. Fold the wax paper in half and open it up again to create a crease.

Step 2

Create wax crayon shavings by sharpening the crayons with the sharpener. Spread the shavings evenly on one side of the wax paper. Use a paper clip to dislodge the crayon if it gets stuck in the sharpener.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Green wax crayon shavings on wax paper

When selecting crayon colours, I suggest just using two or three different ones at a time. Here I just used a pretty blue and deep yellow colour.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Blue and green melted crayon between wax paper.

Here I just used the primary colours of red and yellow. I have also chosen two completely different colours or different shades of the same colour to create some very nice effects. My experience has been that if you use a lot of different colours the final look starts to look like a brown mess when all of the colours are melted together.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Red and yellow was crayon melted between wax paper.

Step 3

Carefully, fold the wax paper over to secure the wax crayon shavings inside. Now fold the layered newspaper on top. The wax paper with the wax crayon shavings should be tucked inside layers of newspaper from the bottom and on the top. Melt the crayon shavings by placing a heated iron on top of the layered newspaper. I prefer using a pressing motion rather than a gliding motion, which tends to ‘smush’ the melted colours together. You may want to experiment with some different colours and different ironing techniques to see what works out best.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Iron used to melt wax crayon shavings

I recommend about five layers of newspaper but it also depends on how hot your iron gets. If you use too much newspaper, the heat may not be able to pass through and if you use too little newspaper as a buffer, you may be dealing with scorching and a burning odour.

Step 4

Fold the green paper and the shamrock pattern exactly in half lengthwise or in a hotdog fold (lengthwise).

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrock pattern

Cut out two shamrocks exactly the same. I fold the paper in half because it is a bit of a timesaver and ensures both sides are symmetrical. You can also cut out the shamrock pattern first, trace it onto the green paper, and then cut it out. It depends upon the ability level of the little ones you are doing the craft with and how much you want to help them.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrocks made from green cardstock.

Then fold the green shamrock in half again and use the pattern to cut out the inside so it looks like this.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrocks made from greed cardstock paper.

Step 5

Now place the inside of the shamrock pattern that was just cut out on the best melted coloured part of the wax paper. Use a Sharpie to trace the pattern. You don’t have to include the stem. Cut out the shamrock shape out of the wax paper. Notice how I cut a bit inside the outline so when it is glued inside the green shamrock shape, the wax paper won’t stick out.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Green wax crayon shavings melted between wax paper Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Cut melted wax crayon shamrock Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Sharock made from melted wax crayon shavings between wax paper

Step 6

Now glue the shamrock shaped wax paper inside the two green shamrock cutouts.

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Glued shamrock made from wax crayon shavings and green cardstock paper

Let the glue dry and using a bit of transparent scotch tape, attach it to an outdoor window so the sun can shine through the translucent melted wax crayon in the wax paper like this….

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Shamrock craft made from melted crayon shavings between wax paper and green cardstock paper

Several  Stained Glass Shamrock Crafts with different colour combinations look very pretty hanging on the window on a sunny day!

I love crafts that are inexpensive, easy to make, fun to do but most of all, create some pretty awesome results!

Here is a pinnable image to use for future reference and for sharing…

Stained Glass Shamrock Craft ~ Tutorial for how to make these beautiful wax crayon stained glass shamrocks.

Here’s some more St. Patrick’s Day inspiration!

Shamrock Collage

Shamrock Table Centerpiece

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  1. says

    Thea, this is such a cute project! What a great way to decorate and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for sharing this! Pinning this to make with my nieces and nephews.

  2. says

    Same here I love fun and inexpensive DIY projects like this one Thea! it looks fun to do, I am sending the link to my sister-in-law, so she can try it with my nephew; this is something he would love to try! :-)

    • Time With Thea says

      Thanks Ingrid! It is so easy to do and has lots of possibilities for variations!

  3. says

    Very cool – Looks like you pretty much used the same method as my boyfriend when he made the crayon wall art for our anniversary. Love how this is so versatile with color combos!

    • Time With Thea says

      It does look similar Leah! When I so you post about it I kind of chuckled because I thought someone else likes this idea! ~Thea

    • Time With Thea says

      Thanks Kelly! I am so enjoying the Collectively Creative! Thank you to you for arranging this! ~Thea

  4. says

    My daughter is going to be all over this! And we always have broken crayons that need to find a new purpose. I like how the melted wax looks like pressed flowers. Thanks so much for the PDF of the shamrock (very helpful for the artistically challenged like me!) and for the instructions!

    • Time With Thea says

      Speaking of flowers, that is another variation you could do with the melted crayon in wax paper. Hope you daughter has fun! Thea

    • Time With Thea says

      Thanks for the comment! I have to admit I love the different colour combos and it is so easy to do! ~Thea

  5. says

    Very fun! i must admit I tend to bypass St. Patrick’s Day…I have a birthday “right about that time” and perhaps all my energy goes into that! LOL! But this would be so fun to do with the girls. The shamrock turned out to be quite pretty!

    • Time With Thea says

      Thank you! One has to pick and choose what celebrations they are going to focus on especially when there are several together like birthdays. You can’t do it all and I would say your birthday should be pretty important. Happy Birthday coming up!~Thea

    • Time With Thea says

      You got it! This craft is so easy, so fun and so adaptable. It is also quite inexpensive. Thanks Erin. ~Thea