How to Store Scarves

How To Store Scarves ~

A scarf is great accessory for many reasons. It comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, fabrics and colours. It is very versatile because one piece of fabric can be tied into so many different ways. Except for the beautiful but highly priced Hermès silk scarves, it is quite an inexpensive accent to any type of indoor or outdoor outfit. A scarf can add interest to a sweater worn with a pair of jeans or add a pop of colour and some extra warmth to a basic black outdoor winter wool coat.

I own a lot of scarves that were collected by various means over several years. Sometimes when I buy a new outfit I will purchase a scarf to complete the look or I will stop by to see what is on sale at my favourite stores and make a random purchase. I have also received several as gifts and rather than buy souvenirs when traveling, I’ll buy a scarf with the duo purpose of being functional and a great memory piece of the location and shop where it was purchased. A scarf is very lightweight, will not break and does not take up much room in my suitcase for the rest of the trip.

Can you guess where I bought this scarf?

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

The Problem:

With a large collection of scarves the problem then becomes how to store scarves so they are accessible, stay wrinkle-free and not take up too much storage space.

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

I have tried several storage strategies including shoving them into a drawer or storing them in a basket tucked away on the floor in the back corner of my closet. But then they became too wrinkled and in order to find the specific scarf I was looking for I had to rummage and pull out several others in the meantime, which was a waste of time. I also tried storing them in an under the bed storage bin. But to be honest with you I really didn’t enjoy having to crouch down onto my hands and knees in order to pull the bin out, retrieve what I was looking for, return the bin and get back into the more comfortable upright position.

Then I picked up a used IKEA SKUBB organizer at a thrift store for a couple of dollars thinking this was the way to go. I hung it in the closet and inserted the rolled up scarves on each of the nine shelves. I did not have to do any crouching but the scarves came out wrinkled and I still had to rummage because some of them ended up tucked way at the back and were no longer visible.

I also shopped around for specially designed scarf and belt hanger this one made from Real Simple. This solution is great for a small collection but not practical for a larger one because it only holds so many scarves.

The Solution For How To Store Scarves

So I came up with my own solution for how to store scarves that meets all of the criteria of being easily accessible, keeps the scarves wrinkle free, does not take up too much storage space and has the added bonus of being quite inexpensive. I purchased two multi-tiered hangers designed for hanging multiple pairs of pants that had crossbars that were able to pull away for easy removal and hanging of the scarf.

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

Now whenever I am looking for a scarf to wear I just remove the multi-tiered hangar, easily spot the one I am looking for, pull away the moveable cross bar, pull out the scarf, reconnect the crossbar into place and hang it back into the closet. The scarf is wrinkle free and I didn’t have to any rummaging or crouching or crawling.

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

Coming up with storage ideas that suit your budget, are convenient and meet the needs of what you are storing sometimes requires ‘thinking outside the box’. Sometimes it requires looking at a storage system designed for a specific purpose and re-purposing it for a completely different one. I enjoy the hunt for the perfect storage system and storage ideas! I even enjoy it more when I come up with the ultimate long term solution!

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

How To Store Scarves - Time With Thea

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This idea for storing scarves was featured in Huffington Post!

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  1. says

    Thanks for coming by and following my blog. I know I will get some great ideas from yours as well. I love this idea for scarves. Right now mine are in a plastic box and I store them folded and upright (so I can see the edges).

    • says

      Hi Chelsea! The rack is actually a trouser/pants tiered hanger that I bought at Home Sense in their organizing/storage section here in Canada which is affiliated with the US company Marshalls. I really like that I can open up each tier making it a lot easier to work with when hanging my scarves. Hope that helps. Thanks for the feedback! ~Thea

  2. says

    Great solution! There are lots of ideas about scarves out there– how to make them (I’m a knitter), tie them, wear them, accessorize with them– but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone address the issue of storing them. Thanks!

  3. Aimee says

    I love this idea! I’ve been looking for a good way to store mine and this was the best one! The others were fine, but I have an extra pants rack now that I weeded out some things that don’t fit and it’ll work great!

    • timewiththea says

      That is great! It is by far the best storage method that has worked for me! I like that it is quite inexpensive too! Take Care, Thea

  4. says

    I tried that way to store scarves with old thrift shop hanger like the one you have and didn’t like it :) so i found a wooden hanger and shower curtain rings at the thrift and use that to hang my scarves!

    • timewiththea says

      Thanks for the positive feedback as well as pinning this idea so the idea can be passed on. Love it! ~Thea

  5. says

    Very clever! You have a lovely supply of scarves. I can see why you need to have a plan for organizing! I don’t have that many, but I don’t think draping them around hangers and then putting them in the closets is working for me. I can never see them! :-)

    • timewiththea says

      I have to admit it really works for me. As you can see I have a lot of scarves. With this form of storage I am more likely to wear them more frequently because they are so accessible. ~Thea

  6. says

    Very clever. I have some of these hangers I am using for our pants but they are so bulky with jeans on them. i don’t have too many scarves but this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSunday linky 10.